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Pablo Rivas Speaks With La Razón at Employability Forum

The learning cycle  doesn’t end with a college degree. In this new digital age, the key to employability is lifelong learning. You must constantly acquire new skills and professional experiences if you want to get ahead.  

This was Pablo Rivas’s message at the first Employability Forum, organized by the Spanish newspaper La Razón. He also discussed the need for companies to create an environment in which employees work with analog and digital resources. Having skills in both contexts, he says, is essential regardless of age or area of expertise.   In fact, the founder and CEO of Global Alumni shared that, although we must think about generations to come, his main concern was that today’s workforce “must improve its employability.”   

Rivas explained the role that Global Alumni plays in transforming professionals, allowing them to access any form of education from the world’s most prestigious universities. “We train professionals in person and online, across the world, and we have a great team of passionate experts, managers, and leaders who make this all possible,” said the head of the Euro-American EdTech company.  

Another important topic discussed during the forum was the value people bring. Rivas highlighted mentality and attitude as two keys to finding employees with values that go beyond their professional goals. “If we have the right attitude, we will find the employees we need.” The other speakers at the forum agreed with him on the need to transform the way we think about education, both in companies and at universities.  

La Razon’s first Employability Forum included Madrid’s Deputy Minister of Education, Rocío Albert, and the director of the newspaper, Francisco Marhuenda, who agreed “If we want the economy to grow, we need companies, universities, and professional education to work together to create employability.” The journalist Rocío Ruíz moderated the forum in which many other leaders participated: Rosa Visiedo, President of CEU University San Pablo; Borja Álvarez, Corporate Commercial Leader at Eurofirms; Dácil Suárez, Deputy Director for People and Organization at Repsol in Puertollano; Nacho Alonso, General Manager of Amazon’s Logistics Center in San Fernando de Henares; Amparo Boria, Iberia Talent Acquisition Lead at Accenture Spain; Íñigo Unanue, Director for People and Organization at Agbarin Andalusia and Manager of Territorial Deployment of FP Dual in Spain; and Pablo Rivas, Founder and CEO of Global Alumni. Clara Sanz, Secretary of Professional Education at the Ministry of  Education, closed the forum.  

You can read the complete article in Spanish here. 

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