Pablo Rivas | CEO de Global Alumni

Interview With Pablo Rivas About the Global Bridge

July was a historic month both for Global Alumni and the history of education.  

The world’s largest and most innovative immersive telepresence room, the Global Bridge in Cambridge, opened its doors for the first time to big names in education and business. The Global Bridge is located between Harvard and MITtwo important hubs of knowledge. 

This immersive telepresence room is a game changer in the world of academia. It uses state-of-the-art innovation to combine the benefits of a traditional, in-person lecture experience with cutting-edge virtual technology.   

Pablo Rivas, the founder and CEO of Global Alumni, and an expert in digital education, shared his vision during the inauguration. He vowed to “keep working towards educational innovation, to use technology to write the next chapter in education, and to boost the retraining and employability of thousands of professionals.”  

After landing back in Spain, Rivas went to the set of the RTVE program Emprende, to share the infinite possibilities of this unique space. 

You can watch the entire interview in Spanish here, starting at minute 7:26.  

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