Pablo Rivas | CEO de Global Alumni

“Universities are no longer the main source of knowledge: google is smarter than them”

A red light indicates `Zoom` is now recording. On the other side of the screen, Pablo Rivas, CEO and Founder of Global Alumni, zooms in on the camera with a remote control. “The beauty of technology”, he smiles. That is precisely what we are here to talk about. After several years at the helm of Global Alumni, an EdTech dedicated to the transformation of the best universities in the world, Rivas has captured in ´Learning to Unlearn´ (LIDeditorial) his reflections on the impact that the Fourth Industrial Revolution has on the education sector. We discuss with him the challenges of adapting our university system to a technological revolution that, he assures, promises to transform academic institutions, classrooms, students and professors. Or, to put it differently: our way of learning.


Click on the following link to read the full interview with Pablo Rivas.

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