Pablo Rivas | CEO de Global Alumni

Pablo Rivas attends La Razón’s 1st Digital Transformation Forum

The time is now to talk about a real digital transformation.  In fact, Global Alumni CEO Pablo Rivas regrets that this discussion hasn’t even taken place yet. Invited to participate in the 1st Digital Transformation Forum organized by Spanish newspaper La Razón, Rivas was clear that there is still a long way to go before this conversation can be properly staged. 

In this regard, Rivas emphasized the important role of Global Alumni in digitalizing the crucial education sector. “Digitalization is, among other things, automating the most routine tasks so that teachers or professors can dedicate their time on the delivery of knowledge,” he stated. The problem is that “we have seen few technological implementations that go beyond just giving classes via Zoom.” 

Guests at the event agreed with Rivas that digital transformation has not been achieved and will be a future challenge. “Now we are aware of how useful the internet is as a tool for learning and facilitating the exchange of knowledge across languages,” he concluded.  

La Razón’s 1st Digital Transformation Forum was hosted by journalist Roberto López. In attendance were José Antonio Hernández, from Repsol; Antonio Cimorra, from AMETIC; Rafael Espinosa de los Monteros, from Kaudal; Carlos Izquierdo; Madrid Minister of Digitalization; Andrés Navarro, Managing Director of La Razón; Clara Jiménez, from Accenture; and Pablo Rivas, CEO of Global Alumni.