Pablo Rivas | CEO de Global Alumni

Global Alumni Receives “elEconomista” Prize for the Best Learning Initiative 2020

Global Alumni received “elEconomista” Prize for the Best Learning Initiative. The award, given to Pablo Rivas, CEO and founder of the company, recognized the company’s efforts throughout the year due to the closure of classrooms and the growth of online education. The development of postgraduate programs in different languages has allowed Global Alumni to increase employability opportunities for more than 20,000 professionals.

The event took place during “La Noche de la Economía,” the financial and economic sector’s annual meeting organized by “elEconomista,” where the year’s most remarkable national and international initiatives in the business, financial, economic, and educational field are recognized.

“This award acknowledges Global Alumni’s efforts in the digitization of the world’s best universities for the last few years. Moreover, it highlights the importance of digital education in the face of the professional challenges that the 4th Industrial Revolution poses,” said Pablo Rivas.

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